Bauman Winery

Snimek-2182One of the parts of the family business represents also winery, which links to longtime tradition of our ancestors. Our winery dedicates itself mostly to production of white lighter and brisk wines. We produce our wines exclusively from grapes cultivated on our vineyards with integrated production. We would be glad to welcome you and show you round our vineyards, present our duties there and of course invite you to relax and taste our wine in our wine cellar or directly in the pension.
For those of you, who like to discover something new, we offer tasting of meads made according to family recipe already inherited by 3rd generation. The mead is produced via cold process, that means no healthful and salutary substances are lost. Momentarily we produce 6 different flavors of mead.




Vinný sklípekThere is nothing better for a man under sun than to eat, to drink and be glad.


For most of the people the science ended with invention of corkscrew.

Ji?í Slaví?ek